Aeration and Decompaction
Air2G2 AirInject

Four quick non-disruption aeration there is no better than the Air2G2 Air Inject. It is the only deep aeration machine on the market that allows play to continue instantly. Click Here For More Information


The Verti-Drain provides air to the soil profile by shattering compaction, which also improves drainage, helping to prevent postponed fixtures. Click Here For More Information

Imants ShockWave

The Imants ShockWave is used to revitalise heavy-wear areas through linear decompaction. This process relieves soil compaction improving aeration and removing surface water with minimal surface disruption. Click Here For More Information

Imants Sandat

Using the Imants SandCat introduces sand into the root zone, improving drainage and enhancing the properties of the root zone.

​8mm thick blades are used to decompact the surface, allowing sand to be injected between 10-15mm into the root zone. Click Here For More Information


Vredo Overseeders are one of the most reliable machines on the market. The seed is placed in direct contact with the soil before and the slits are closed by the compaction roller. This gives the maximum germination rate possible whilst re-establishing a level surface. Click Here For More Information

Contract Grounds Maintenance

We offer numerous Contract Grounds Maintenance services including gang mowing, grass cutting, line marking, hedge trimming, weed control and shrub bed maintenance. Click Here For More Information


We offer a range of spraying options from herbicide, pesticide and fungicides. Click Here For More Information

Gritting and Snow Clearance

Gritting and snow clearance are both valuable services when anticipating or reacting to winter weather conditions. Click Here For More Information