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GPS Line Marking 

The Intelligent One is a GPS guided line marker, supplied by Intelligent Marking’s UK distributor Rigby Taylor, and can mark a FIFA regulation 11v11 football pitch from scratch in 29-minutes 45 seconds and can also be used for track and field marking, rugby union and league, lacrosse and customisable grids, shapes, and tracks.

Savings to customers come directly in terms of labour and paint. The machine can mark out two to three fields on one drum of paint depending on the nozzle used making it very easy to calculate when new paint is needed. 

The intelligent nature of the machine means it is capable of marking a fixed socket 11-a-side football pitch and fixed socket rugby union and league pitches. There is also the option of marking a 11v11 football pitch with two 8-a-side pitches built in with all football pitches customisable in length and width.


All running track markings are also customisable in terms of the number of lanes, giving customers a large variety of options to choose from across all sports.

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GPS Line Marking Article

Richard Peel Groundcare now offer the Intelligent One

February 27, 2018

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